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These comics were graciously allowed to be reprinted by their respective artists. If you are are an artist and are interested in submitting your own song-based comic, please send an e-mail to Megan.

Pastor by 

"The Hippie Version of the 23rd Psalm" by Pastor John Rygden
drawn by Dennis Worden, © 1988.

DC by Fleener

"Signed D.C." by Arthur Lee and Love
drawn by Mary Fleener, © 1988.

Lights Out by 

"Lights Out!" by the Angry Samoans
drawn by Dennis Worden, © 1989.
Birdies by 

"Golden Birdies" by Captain Beefheart
drawn by Mary Fleener, © 1987.

Groovy by 

"That's the Groovy Thing" by Earl Bostic, 1946
drawn by John McLeod, © 1988.

Vinyl by Ryan

Among the Vinyl People
drawn by Jim Ryan, © 1989.

Fat Gal by Struck

"Fat Gal" by Merle Travis
drawn by Ken Struck, © 2004.

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