2007   DECEMBER 14   #348

The Living and the Dead

Recordings from old records, bad tapes, home recordings and friends.

01 Carson Robison and his Pleasant Valley Boys - That Horse Named Pete (3:04)
c1950, MGM 10732, 78 rpm

02 Baby Gramps - Bahama Mama (4:31)
Live in the 1970's at a concert I produced, written and performed by Baby Gramps. www.babygramps.com

03 Eva Siders & Two Men - Telephone Conversation (3:00)
Home made disk

04 Lew Childre on ET - Jig Time (1:32)
1940's transcription disk

05 Jim Page & Artis the Spoonman - Very Scary (Gays in the Military) (3:26)

06 Bluegrass Roy - Intro and Hamlin's Wizard Oil Pitch (0:36)
Radio pitch by Bluegrass Roy, 1940's radio singer. Very big on radio in the Midwest and Northeast. This gives the flavor of OT radio.

07 Florence Baker - Eliah the Camel (Hump on his Ass) (0:26)
08 Florence Baker - Chocolate Ice Cream Cone (2:07)
Home made disk, 1949

09 Bobby Marks (the pool shooting monkey) - Cool Pool Shooter (1:29)
Ledo 45 #D-1806

10 Mississippi Fred McDowell - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (2:32)
In concert at Court C Coffee House, Tacoma, 1971

11 Mr. Buchanan - Boogie Chillen' (3:25)
Self recorded at 78 rpm, 1954 in Japan

12 Don & Dean - Midnight Boogie & Steel Guitar Rag (2:32)
Home recording

13 Oswald and Rachel - You Are My Sunshine (2:50)
Grand Ole Opry air check, unknown date, from home recording

14 Unknown Woman - Freight Train Blues (2:31)
Aircheck, probably from Grand Ole Opry, home recorded from radio

15 Buzz Martin - Too High On The Stump (3:59)
45, Ripchord, 45-008

16 Dixieland Swingsters - The Widow's Daughter (2:49)
Bb B-7857-B at 78 rpm

17 Dick Powell - Hip Radio Dialogue (3:10)
On radio, from home made air check

18 Heidelberg Beer - Slow Brewed Jingle (1:01)
Made in Tacoma, Wa, radio station commercial production

19 Cameo Dance Orchestra - That Tacoma Home Of Mine (3:07)
78 rpm, oldest tribute to my home town in my collection, Cameo 505

20 Carson Robison and his Pleasant Valley Boys - The Devil Calls A Meeting (2:50)
c1950, MGM 10732, 78 rpm

21 Grandma Harding Orting - Home Recording (2:50)
Orting, WA family

22 Roy Acuff - Advice To Joe (2:35)
78 rpm (Stalin probably didn't listen)

23 Myrtle? Baker? - Rhumba Boogie (1:54)
Home made disk

24 James Talley - Richland, Washington (2:19)
A great Guthrie like tune and song. Taken from his Capitol album. James is currently exploring compensation for he and his sister for the cancer his father probably got at the Hanford plant in Richland. He has strong evidence from Hanford medical records he has received. www.jamestalley.com

Tracks by Baby Gramps, Jim Page and James Talley appear with permission from the artists.

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- Contributed by: Dennis Flannigan


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