2007   APRIL 17   #107

The Green County Boys - Medic Emetics

01. Little Black Pill Box (2:55)
02. I'll Try To Say No (3:15)
03. Everything Goes (4:17)
04. Glass Prostate (1:45)
05. A Little Pentothol (1:43)
06. Green Stamps (3:00)
07. Alice (2:21)
08. Wonderful Surgery (2:44)
09. Menopause (3:51)
10. Medicine Spree (2:04)

This album was the first of three that were put out by the Green County Medical Society for scholarship aid to medical students. These albums were sold at the society's headquarters in Springfield, MO for 3.25 each.

All of the bands members were doctors from the area. The record was sold in a plain white sleeve with no information to speak of.

- Contributed by: ThE ToD

Images: Cover

Media: 12" LP
Album: Medic Emetics
Catalog: GLP1026


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