2007   APRIL 16   #106

Da Mokettes & the Incredible Q Band - Palolo Valley Girls

Da Mokettes & the Incredible Q Band - Palolo Valley Girls (3:00)

What better than a novelty record than a novelty record of a novelty record and that is what we have here. Some Hawaiians lead by Will Moku take Frank & Moon Unit Zappa's Valley Girl and infuse it with some local lingo and slap some local geography on it and ta-da Palolo Valley Girl. Did a little digging around and found some info that makes some sense of this record. Will Moku was a popular dejay (real name William Saragosa, died in 2004 at the age of 47) and guitarist. He had a 13 year run at KQMQ, where he came up with Palolo Valley Girls. Surround yourself with enough novelty records and pretty soon you figure out that most of them are done by disc jockeys. And that is really all I have to say.

- Contributed by: Scott Soriano

Images: Record

Media: 45
Label: Prism Records
Catalog: PRS-407
Credits: Frank & Moon Zappa/Will Moku
Date: 1982


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