2007   MARCH 24   #083

Thomas Stephen Smith - Fresh Start

Thomas Stephen Smith - Fresh Start (3:25)

This is a 7" I picked up for 25 cents at my local library, if I remember correctly. I couldn't find a single thing about the artist, let alone the record. I'm guessing it's from the 80s.

It's weird and great because:
a. It's a Christian record, but you don't even realize until a third of the way through, and
b. It sounds like the theme song for an 80s sitcom that never was. Like a Christian "Perfect Strangers." A friend pointed out that Mark Linn-Baker would probably also star in this one.

Credits go to T.S. Smith and Zondervan Fiesta (I'm totally naming my next kid that).

- Contributed by: Ryan MacMichael

Image: Record

Media: 7" Single - Same track on both sides
Label: Milk & Honey
Catalog: MPD 1030
Credits: T.S. Smith and Zondervan Fiesta


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