2003   AUGUST 17   #229

The Christophers - The Marriage Union (for teen-agers)

from the album liner notes:

The problem of how to present the subject of sex to the mind of the growing child is a delicate one, not easily faced by the average parents.

Yet nowadays, when promiscuity and sex perversion in many repulsive forms are beginning to spread at an alarming rate in our country, there is a definite need for the modern parent to exercise special care in properly instructing the child in matters of sex.

The Christopher Recordings on Sex Instruction are meant to be a help and a guide for parents. They emphasize the wonderful role parents play in Almighty God's plan to reproduce the human race. The recordings are frank in their approach, but bring out quite clearly the beauty and eternal significance of the marital relationship, which only due emphasis on the spiritual as well as the physical elements can portray.

In offering these recordings, the Christophers are motivated by a desire to do "something positive" in helping solve an important problem. We feel that the approach dramatized in these recordings will contribute something constructive that will assist the parent in a field where there has been so much confusion and fuzzy thinking.

These recordings with their distinctive spiritual overtones, are designed for parents of all faiths. Because of their tremendous importance to the conscientious parent they are being made available by the Christophers at less than their actual cost.

The scripts were prepared by experts. They were approved by parents groups, by medical and educational as well as religious authorities before being recorded by top-notch actors.

These recordings are designed for parents of all faiths. Since they are meant for parents and adult groups, they should not be played by children.

from the booklet enclosed within the album sleeve:

THESE CONVERSATIONS between parents and their children were written by a prominent Catholic layman for nonsectarian use. They are distributed by the American Social Health Association as one example of the helpful material on sex education available to parents today.

The dialogs will help you talk easily about intimate matters... find a phrase... combine the physical, ethical and spiritual in a natural, wholesome way... and strengthen your child's confidence in you.

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- April Winchell

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from the LP, "Christopher Recordings On Sex Instruction -
A Helpful Guide For Parents" (unknown date - estimate: early 1950's)